Maybe another category for the Discourse dev team to see?

Most forums that use Discourse have a category for the Discourse dev team to see, so that THEY can also hear what the forum's community wants.

And there are some people who want features in the forum, but since the Snap! dev team can't access the forum's source code, why not have the Discourse dev team try to?

But if the dev team wants the Discourse dev team to try access the source code and add more features, they probably can't because they (Both the Discourse and Snap! dev teams) probably have things to do, and probably can't fulfill all requests.

If other discourse forums have a category for the discourse dev team, and if they actually read it, then they'd have a ton of forums to read. The best way to ask discourse for a new feature or report a bug is by creating a post on the official discourse forum

Says who? Open source.

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