Map Generation Shooter!

Credit to @slate_technologies for the original collision detection script.

Here's a demo for a game I'm currently working on with my map generation tool. The demo is extremely barebones- I couldn't give too much away, of course- but many many many more features are coming, including a health system and maybe powerups.

Please note that the time it takes for things to happen has been changed drastically for the demo, to give it a kind of anticipatory feel. Changes include how close the enemies need to be to shoot you and how fast you reload.


I like it, this is a lot better than anything I could've done.
Also, maybe you could add an "Aim" mode, where you don't have to move in order to aim. That is, of course, it's a gimmick of this game.

The player follows the mouse clicker, so hovering the mouse over the player in the direction of the enemy should allow you to aim without having to move. Also, welcome to the Snap! Forums.

I know, I just meant it as an easier way of aiming without accidentally eating a bullet in the process.
Also, thanks, I've been lurking for a little while and thought I might as well give some feedback while I'm at it.