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requires javascript. i tried doing this without js, i really, really, tried. but this is just no match...

@mods feature………..

What feature exactly do you have in mind?

as in “mods notice this I believe it has the potential to be featured”????

will they even feature projects that require js? this project relies heavily on it... the entire drawing script is written in javascript, although it would be very cool if there was some sort of canvas implementation (extending the pen blocks) as for being able to get that speed with just snap primitives.

I do not know. Maybe? It is good though.

It's beautiful, but it's essentially a JS program rather than a Snap! program. So, I dunno...

to be fair, I could do it in snap, it'd just take a really long time to load. I am working on one that lets you define your own fractals with the snap operators. it's still the same underlying javascript iterative process but its got the feel of snap. just some code mapping stuff in between. perhaps I can make a library to kind of isolate the javascript pieces, make it more like home.

but hey I've got a couple projects featured that are made purely in snap that I'm more than happy with. so we can leave this as a nifty little javascript thing. although maybe you could put it in the art projects collection? or, it does fit with the totm..:​)