Make Your Projects Talk

I want that feature just like on scratch

There's a library for that. To find it, press the first button at the top of your project. Press the libraries tab. There is a library you can use to make your projects talk back.

It's called "Text to Speech".

Yeah but the TTS is kind of broken. Or maybe it doesn't work for me.

But WOW. Seeing's test projects on the website, I can confidently say that Snap! updates faster than Scratch trying to implement facial sensing.

That's because scratch has to make sure it's easy for young users to understand. Snap doesn't have that limitation. Plus, users can make it themselves, which also speeds up the progress.

Yeah, but some of the features Snap! introduces aren't already user-made.

Also Snap! has a VERY GREAT way of libraries and stuff. The reason why Snap! updates so fast is because the creating blocks and libraries and other stuff in Snap! is WAY easier.

That probably made no sense but...

I love the custom blocks system in Snap!, thats why its (Was) called BYOB!

don't worry, it did.

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