Make the presentation mode stage scale smaller for larger stages

At the moment, if you have a stage size, say, double the default (960x720), in presentation mode the bottom is cut off: (at least for me)

Presentation mode uses exactly 200% scaling because that's fast and easy to compute. I think that if you intend to use presentation mode you should make sure to set the stage size to no more than half the screen size in each dimension.

I checked with dev mode and that picture has the stage at a scale of 0.9. Which means that technically my faeture request is for something already implemented. But I don't see how a stage twice the size but even less than full-scale doesn't fit on a screen that a stage half the size but twice the scale fits on.

Oh. I don't know, then, sorry.

my guess is that the stage is scaled to the screen height, but it's off by the size of the top bar (where the green flag is)

i have no idea how to quickly find the relevant code or debug the different areas, i can't inspect a canvas

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