Make the file size a little bit bigger

I know that this could be hard since snap! is a inspiration or Scratch but for my new game coming soon maybe 20MB to 50MB at the minimum for file size or maybe 60MB to even 100MB at the maximum.

It might not come for awhile but maybe sooner or later a bigger filesize would help everyone who wants to make bigger games/projects

Just a suggestion!

any thoughts?

Jens pays for storage out of pocket according to Brian.

The biggest reason to need a bigger file size is for music. Music files take up a lot of storage, and for big games, you might want some music.

Maybe instead store a json list of samples on an external server?

Smart idea


Or, if projects are gonna use a lot of repeated assets, use an infrastructure like Scratch and store the assets separately, storing by hash and then reference that in the project data instead of a base64 image url. That way each asset only has to be stored once.
And if unused assets are gonna be an issue, we can always do periodical cleanups.

Voted up.

i think the file size needs to be changed too!

Can y'all please stop clamoring for increased filesize, I'm literally paying for the cloud out of my own pocket.

Yeah, on the list. Dunno when though.