Make It So We Can Access XML Data From The Snap! Cloud

I know that. I want to at least be able to do this:

[ignore these ramblings - I got the wrong end of the stick]
Bad people have done bad things so the facility to access it has been removed.

But they can at least whitelist using this url: All it does is get the xml of an project.

[ignore these ramblings - I got the wrong end of the stick]
I'm very confused - I thought you are asking for something that works in Snap6 to be kept working in Snap7

Have I got this wrong?

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replace that url with

I think I'm just not understanding your request so I'll remove myself from this thread- sorry for the interruption

What joecooldoo wants is for being able to simply get the XML of a shared project without an error.

Ok, we have 3 votes for this feature request. Isn't that enough to add/modify/delete a few lines of code in the source code?

Probably not, if you mean "that" and not "what".


Do we need a list for us all? Or is a number good enough?

Sorry - misread original post - thought you were asking for something else


I agree - it would be nice to be able to still get the whole project xml - I have a (unfinished) project that uses that facility

I think that it would have to be implemented as a primitive

Maybe you could explain more why your projects needs it as that may persuade the team to implement it

It is for my Stealth OS project. It is supposed to protect your privacy from other projects, and it opens them by getting the xml of a project.

Well the spirit of Snap! is openness and sharing so if this is to hide things then that's not going to be a good reason to have it re-enabled I'd thought

I'm planning to look at the xml and see if the project has anything anything to do with sharing passwords. Then block the project from the user if it does. It is also a test for installing projects to a project.

And I have told a lot of people about it and they said they wanted to see it when it is done. All it takes is to get rid of getting the xml data of a project, and then you have to tell them that you cant do it anymore because of limitations.

Maybe there is a workaround.

Since Snap7 has this new scene facility, then there must be some code that opens up projects from within Snap!

If you could find where this is done, then maybe you could copy it and use a JS block to do the same thing and examine a project XML that way instead of the old API method?

I'm thinking that Scenes themselves can be a kind of OS processes abstraction.
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This way you can get "concurrent" processes :wink: with 0.5 s time slice.

what errors are you getting?