Make It So We Can Access XML Data From The Snap! Cloud

I know that the URL block will block requests to the Snap! API in Snap! 7, but could you make it so we could make a request such as I am working on a project that uses this and I have spent a TON of time working on it.

Why? The URL block can only send GET requests, so why?

([POST v]url: [https\://]send: [] headers: (⌸::list)::sensing

Not that url block. This one:



Yep. It's hidden.

This might be something I'll revert in my Text-Based Snap!. But for that one primitive URL block.

Edit: forgot to say ", not the library one.".

Text-Based Snap!?
But anyways, you can use

The topic is "A Snap! Mod Idea". (three parts)



Why are you tagging bh?

So he can fix this.

Jens would probably be more likely to fix it than Brian, but iirc Jens is on vacation.

But bh usually says what goes and what doesn't. Plus @ ing Jens in a big no-no.


Well of course.

Doesn't work. Already tried this.

  1. That is not the Snap! API.
  2. That won't work. I already tried ALL of the CORS Proxies.

"snap" domain is blocked on purpose, so there will be no "fix" - nothing is broken here.