Make default of make case independent be true instead of false

If you accidently click on use case independent comparisons in the pallete

it defaults to setting the _case indepent variable to false which can disrupt projects/custom reporters that check this variable and cause them to give erroneous/different results

Can it be changed in future versions to default to true to prevent this please? :slight_smile:

How I found out
I had a project (that was using position of library reporter) and all going well.

I made a slight change to a very complicated custom reporter and start getting errors.
I spent AGES trying to work out how my little change had caused the error.

I spent a long time disecting the custom reporter to try and work out what I'd done.

Eventually found that a postion of reporter wasn't finding a word "used" in a table - checked the table - found that it had "Used" in it

At that point, I worked out that I'd somehow switched to case-sensitive mode.

None of my code set it to true so I think I must have accidently clicked on it in the operator palette

Hence this request so that someone else doesn't lose a morning chasing down a similar issue :slight_smile:

However we set the default, some people won't like it, isn't that so?

Under what circumstances can you imagine that setting it to default to true (which is standard Snap! behaviour) would cause someone a problem?

If anyone wants to switch to case-sensitivity mode, I'd thought that they'd be explicitly setting the block to false and not relying on the current default empty value

Having thought about how it would cause anyone a problem, I have come up with if someone wanted to use the current default emptiness inside a mapping HOF, then they might have a problem.

But for those rare occasions, I think this would let them carry on

power script pic

Oh I see, you're not asking to change the behavior before using this block, just to change what leaving that slot empty means. I guess that'd be okay. I'll look into it...

Well, I always prefer explicitness over assumed behaviour

And if I saw an empty boolean slot I would assume to it returning false

So, I am asking for the default of the slot to be true

This isn't solely for my benefit BTW :slight_smile:

I'm thinking that it's an invisible trip hazard that could affect students and then cause their teachers a lot of trouble if triggered :slight_smile:

OK next time there's an update...

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