Make combine block not automatically warp scripts

There was apparently an update recently in which the non-compiled combine block automatically warps the scripts inside it to speed up computation. I'm not in favor of this change, as it completely breaks some programs:

Please revert this to how it was previously.

Its always unfortunate when a change impacts previous projects but I think that combine working as fast as possible, along with all the HOF reporters, would be the wanted condition in most cases.

I agree, if i want a warp bloc, i "warping" outside the combine block

Or just compile it.

Huh, apparently that only happens in a certain project. It's not compiled. Did I accidentally turn on some secret setting or something? Maybe the project is just laggy. Nevermind.

I'm confused about this. There was a recent change, but it was only to optimize the most common cases, such as + and ×. And to have COMBINE know the identity elements for those operations so you can run COMBINE on an empty list and get the right answer.

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