Machine Learning (Part 2)


Why not?

I just dont feel like using it.

It's no different form Snap!

Well, I cant because since my account is linked via Snap!, Everytime I move to a different page, My account is logged out.

Just make a new one.

-> Collaboration | NetsBlox

It wont let me.

Just go there.

Ok, fine I will use it.


Never mind, @earthrulerr, you have to be kicked out again.

I don't think I have trypophobia (strawberries, honeycombs, sponges, etc. don't bother me), but that image and one or two others I saw on the same site scare me (maybe I do have some mild trypo that is triggered by a cluster of eyes, but that makes sense because it is unnatural for most animals and some dangerous spiders have them).
EDIT: I have viewed the images on that Healthline page before, but this time, they bothered me somewhat and they haven't before. I think it might have something to with the creepy "cat" image and/or it is late as I type this and I really should get to bed.

I will leave this collab, because, I do, in fact, like this idea and would like to take this on my self. Since i have done a ll of the code so far, I can take this collabs code without needing to give credit.

This collab has only been out for two days, one day we were discussing what we were going to make.
I will help with the code.

1 day*

There is such thing as a technology called "OCR". This technology stands for "Optical Character Recognition" and it can detect what the character is. For example if I make a rectangle split in half and call it a number, the OCR technology can say "It's an 8!" because it looks like an 8 and it is classified as a number.

I've already coded the AI.

Hello everyone! Here is the AI: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks It's done, but it needs more phrases people commonly say in normal conversations. To add a phrase, use the Chat Bot AI script pic Block. Put One Word or a Small Phrase inside of the first slot that would be used in a conversation. Then in the second spot, insert the reply the bot will make. Make sure you use correct grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.

Chat Bot AI script pic (1)

If you made a mistake, you can delete the last added Item of the Learned Words/Phrases by using this block: Chat Bot AI script pic (2). If you would like to delete EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN LEARNED, use Chat Bot AI script pic (3). To see all learned items, use image.

We are using NetsBlox.
Tell me when you are in the NetsBlox editor so I can invite you.