Loving the OS projects

After a few years of this forum existing, It's great to see proper collaboration on Snap! projects :slight_smile:

I'm really looking forward to seeing some great projects on this months TOTM :slight_smile:

PS - If you haven't yet used the MQTT extension - maybe check it out :slight_smile:

If you've got any questions about how to use MQTT - please just ask me :slight_smile:

MQTT looks interesting. So is it like IOT as in smart home? I'm confused.

It is used a lot on SmartHome systems.

MQTT is a protocol in the way that HTTP (which drives all websites) is a protocol

With HTTP, you computer sends a request to a web server and that webserver looks at your request and returns you a webpage

With MQTT, your computer sends a message on a topic (e.g channel) to a broker (server) and that server sends the message on to any other computer in the universe that is subscribed (e.g.listening) to that topic

So one computer can publish a message on a topic to a broker and that broker will forward it to any other computer that has previously registered an interest on messages of that topic

Do they have GCFI?
(offtopic joke,electroboom,ik its gfci)
but yeah idk what brokers are
computer software?

Google MQTT :slight_smile:

It's just websocket after all
ps:wikipedia blocked

I see!!! I want to setup my own SmartHome setup but now that i know that it uses MQTT it would be a lot easier. And then i could control it with Snap! :smiley: thnx!

That sounds like a great project! I could build a better UI for my home Zwave system.

I would make this, i have a 3d printer so i could print housings for stuff but i don't actually have anything to connect anything to and i only have 1 arduino :frowning: If i get more i'm 100% testing it out

Oh, my Zwave host is on my local net, so I don't need any new hardware, just figuring out its API and teaching it to Snap!.

Is this blocked as well?


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