Lost access to SNAP!

I seemed to have lost my ability to log into SNAP. Will not let me change password either. Happened on January 17th. I was able to log in at school on 16th, but the next night (17th) could not. How do I fix this? Do not want to lost my account. Have a lot of code I want to share with students for spring semester.

I'm having issues with saving projects. I don't know of Snap! is doing some serious upgrades or if they are just down.

What is the error message you get?

Login fail

rest password fail

Yet when I registered for the SNAP forums, all of my info was already there, so seems like SNAP knows who I am.

All year I have been using chrome because EDGE was too slow. Just tried EDGE and I can log into SNAP. So my account is ok, but now how do I get chrome to work again? EDGE is too slow.

If it works in other browsers, those must be cache issues.

Try cleaning your cache :slight_smile:

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(To confirm cache issues, you can also try logging in in incognito mode from Chrome)

cleaning up data did not work, but opening incognito mode chrome browser window did work. thank you for the suggestion.

It's got something to do with cookies then. I'm away from a PC now, but I'll write later today to explain how to remove the old ones.

Glad we found the issue! :slight_smile:

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