Logic programming in Snap!

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Sounds interesting. Any specific ideas yet? Would it support optimization through integer linear programming?

hmm thats really cool cant wait to see them add it!

Well, if I do it, it'll just barely work, never mind optimization, because I'm totally ignorant, other than having read SICP 4.4. I'm sorta hoping that if I hold my breath long enough @toontalk, who actually speaks Prolog, will do it. :~)

I think someone should implement the worlds tiniest Prolog interpreter in Snap!

Here it is
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and here's an example of using it
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Nilsson, Martin. "The world's shortest Prolog interpreter?." (1984): 87-92. Implementations of Prolog, edited by J.A. Campbell

Click on the images to see the entire thing.

Oh, this is nice, I want to play with it! Thanks, Ken, for sharing this.

Seriously, is the (Lisp?) code on this single page a fully operational core Prolog interpreter?
Do all of the functions the interpreter utilizes have Snap! equivalents?
Do those five basic functions suffice to gradually build a full Prolog interpreter upon?
(if 3x yes: wow!)

Yes it is MacLisp and everything should be easily translated to Snap! It is a real Prolog (no cut or assert). In Snap! one can replace the var predicate with something that checks if it starts with a question mark.

Here's the first page which I should have included since it explains how the selectors and constructors have simple Lisp definitions.