Line of Sight Engine (for a scrolling project)

Hi guys, I posted a topic recently about this project, and I just wanted to share it now that I'm finally done.

Here it is:

(BTW press the arrows keys to move and 1 or 2 to set presets)

About the project, it is very useful for something like a 2D scrolling game that simulates beyond the player's screen; however if you are not planning to have a scrolling game or have one that doesn't simulate outside of the camera's view then you should use "if touching" instead of this, it's a lot simpler. Everything in this project is managed mathematically with variables, and unfortunately it only works with rectangles, it'd be much more complicated with polygonal walls.

Hopefully this could be some use to any of you; I plan to remake the code on a scratch project for a shooter game. There are two bugs, the black dot in the middle, and some problems with needing "and equal to" to some greater/less than's, but once those are fixed up I don't plan to work on it anymore or add collision.