Lightning Talks: Create An(y) Embroidery Design in 5 Minutes

View on Snap!Con

Presented By: Jadga Huegle


This talk is about creating embroidery designs by combining Snap!'s list feature with the embroidering capabilities of Turtlestitch.

An image can be imported into Snap! and its contours can be redrawn with another sprite. The coordinates of the drawing are logged in a list. These Coordinates can then be exported from Snap! and imported into Turtlestitch to create an embroidery design: Projadga / TurtleStitch - Coded Embroidery

sorry I have been trying for an hour to log into the conference :frowning:

got in - hooray! Jadga - when will be able to see the video?

also - I'm going to make this a project for my students - is anyone else interested because I think it would be fun for them to have students at another school for sharing! The

I love when most people talk about embroidery designs by combining Snaps and other stuff. It is almost 2 years could we see the video?

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