LIBRARY Load / Unload ?

Is there a way to remove or delete an imported Library, simply by selecting something ?
Would it be possible to have the Library Import screen list the libraries with a selection box, so that a TICK would load them and UNTICK would unload them ?

Probably not that imortant a request, but would eliminate a lot of manual deletions and errors in the process.

Hi Turgut, Snap doesn't (yet) track blocks by their libraries, but you can safely remove unused global custom blocks by selecting the "unused blocks" menu item in the project menu:

unload unused blocks

If you don't see this menu items then there are no unused blocks to unload, but if Snap finds any, they will be shown in a dialog box for you to select. I'm using this feature a lot myself.

Hi Jens,
Thanks, I know about that.
The problem is that that solution is only workable at the final stage of dev.
During coding one imports a lot of different things to try and eliminate. And there the removal of all UNUSED is not always practical.

Let me ask this:
Are the loaded library blocks reachable in some form of list ?
At least than one could manage them in a controlled fashion, maybe programmatically?

For example, microBlocks (of John Maloney) allows deletions of libraries; and I have kind of gotten used to it.

But I understand, one of those to do's we need to live with for now.

yep, I know about MicroBlock's library management, and I agree that it's useful. Snap currently has no way to identify which library a block belongs to. The good news is that the next version of Snap will scale much better for large projects with very many custom blocks, so you won't even have to worry about unloading unused ones anymore. Stay tuned, looks like I can make a pre-alpha test version available soonish.