Kinect to snap

We are a non-profit rehabilitation center; we are developing some activities with our patients with scratch 1.4 and Kinect v2. We kindly ask you if there is a software to connect the kinect to snap ...... we could greatly improve our apps.
We tried m does not work. Do you have any suggestions ?
A big thank you !!

Hi @denj
I have no expirence with Kinect, but maybe the problem is only with the http/https protocol.

Test it with It is over http and so, your "localhost" call will run ok.


Thanks for the suggestion ... but nothing to do

I guess you have followed Kinect-2-Snap instructions...

After running kinect_server.exe you must test http://localhost:5000/demo in your browser.

If this is not ok, questions are for the Kinect-2-Snap project. But if this 'demo' runs ok, then we can help you to see what's happening and build Snap! blocks to do the job.


unfortunately when text http: // localhost: 5000 / demo the connection is not possible ..... and the kinect does not turn on.
You are really helpful ..... but I don't know what else to invent ...

Make sure "kinect_server.exe" is running and connection to port 5000 are allowed by system firewall.
I've tested without KInect. There is console window with something like

Setting up data...
Connecting to the Kinect...

There is also extensive troubleshooting section at

It's worth to note that Kinect for 360 is incompatible with Xbox One version.
Kinect2Snap seem to be designed for 360 version (SDK 1.8).

I use kinect v2 on windows 10 ..... maybe this is the problem ..... thanks to all.

Depending upon what you are using Kinect for you may be able to replace it with Snap! blocks running PoseNet. Just using your device's camera it can track up to 17 locations (eyes, elbows, ears, etc.) on one or more people. See

Thanks for the tip ... really promising .... you know some other demos

I did make a Simon Says game using Posenet --

And a student made this painting in the air project - http://localhost:8000/ai/student-projects/Painting%20Program%20Project.xml