Just got falsely banned on scratch can anyone help?

I got banned for ban evading even after being banned

The annoying this is is that I got banned for same thing, talked it out and then got unbannned then 1 month later they reban me for same thing but the thing was I never logged into the account after being banned can anyone make a forum post on the scratch forums or ask a scratch team member to help me? also does this break rules on snap or no?

I am dubstepv1 by the way I just logged into this account from one of my alts and now I do not know how to sign out of forums lol

I think asking for help here, as you've done, is okay once. We wouldn't want to host an ongoing discussion of their banning policies or procedures.

But honestly I think just emailing them yourself is your best bet. We're on good terms with the ST, but for us to say "some kid I don't really know wants us to ask you to unban them" really isn't going to carry much weight, and I don't know anything about what you did or didn't do, other than from your description.

By the way, the "ban evading" in your first message, combined with the "one of my alts" in your second message, makes me suspect that maybe they did have a good reason to ban you. But you don't have to convince me -- you have to convince them.

I know this I have been banned 20+ times for spamming and the funny thing is I got unbanned after all this time and the thing they did to prevent me from spamming is to not allow me to create alts which is fine then they ban me for an account I logged into well before I got unbanned so how is this banworthy again? (PS: I have already waiting months to be on scratch im not waiting 5 more months for a silly ban like this)

Man, I hate it when people make me talk like an adult. But here goes: Maybe you should spend less time thinking about how unfair they are, and more time thinking about why you feel such a strong need behave antisocially there.

Sorry I am a hard learner lol I have finally understood how not to get banned and I have been good for a solid month now I get banned for something silly and I do not know how to deal with it ;-;

"dubstepv1"? Hmmmm... I feel like I've heard of you before.