JPaneque OS | Linux-based operative system

I present to you the Alpha 0.9 of my new operating system on Snap!

This took 2 months to create and it's still in development.
I would like people to contribute ideas and give opinions about the project.

I want to thank @joecooldoo for his cloud variables. I have managed to do a DHCP service with them.

Please don't try to resize or full screen the project window, it's bugged.

Open the project in editor mode to avoid blurry effect

I have a question: why does this happen?
Otherwise, it's a pretty good virtual terminal, it reminds me of []~>

Scrolling is implemented as a re-stamping of the pen trails. HTML canvas does its "best" to antialias/destroy the image content.
Result of this script (restamping rectangle)
untitled script pic - 2021-12-12T033528.249

Stage (23)

It happens because the project uses re-stamping pen trails, so when the screen gets bigger, the pen trails gets blurrier