I've made a tunnel simulator!

Actually, visit the editor. It doesn't work the same way embedded, for whatever reason.

Compare this with my Scratch version, here.

The techniques used are completely different, but the result is quite similar.
Please tell me what you think!

I wrote:
<iframe src="https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/487790209/embed" allowtransparency="true" width="485" height="402" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe>

@bh? @sathvikrias?
Does anyone like this?

@theeric132? @ego-lay_atman-bay?

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yep, I do! It has less lag than I thought.



you totally "snapified" it!

don't mention a bunch of people, they'll see it eventually


You posted this 16 hours ago. I was asleep for 12 of those hours, and I've been working! Don't be so anxious; it's kind of obnoxious. If three days go by and nobody notices, then you can bump it.

I do like this, a lot! I'm not sure I understand yet all about how it works. Did you do something special to get fuzzy boundaries between color bands, or is that just Javascript dithering the edges? I'd have thought that it wouldn't dither when the edges are vertical or horizontal... The 1% stamp at the beginning to get a circle visible at the end of the tunnel at the beginning is very clever and cute.

If I take out the STAMP at the end, I get a 90 degree wedge of solid black. I don't understand why that happens.

All in all, this has kept me interested more than most projects; typically the code in a project is either trivial (forever next costume) or baroque (80 scripts).

Sorry for mentioning names, I won't be so

in the future.

But I saw it had 25 views and no replies, even though I'd explicitly asked people to tell me what they thought of it (I would take constructive criticism), and only after I started mentioning names did I get replies, but even so, I will wait three days in future, as you said.

About the fuzzy edges, yes, that's

When you take out the stamp block at the end - that stamp block is drawing the end of the tunnel!
So of course you end up with

The first stamp enlarges the tunnel, the second one adds a new color at the end.
So if the color is black at first, if no new tunnel is being stamped, then the color will not change, however, the tunnel will get bigger, because of the first stamp.
i don't know why it's 90⁰, probably because of the way [scratchblocks](item (random v) of (list[Javascript][Snap!]::red)::red)[/scratchblocks]treats (0, 0).

Glad you find it interesting!