its been awhile

heres something small for totm :​)

untill i dig in to some of these new features more, i present to you .·˙·ॱᆞ᛫᭼ᱸᱹ•․‧∙●⠁⠂⠄⠈⠐⠠⡀⢀⦁⬤ㆍꓸꔷ﹒.・𐄁𐑎𐤟𑁦𑅴𑇐𑛀𑫯𒊹𖧹𛰀𛲄𛲔𝀛

Nice. Also displays a bug in how we embed projects in the forum, namely, with an extremely long project name, when I try to click the green flag I hit your name instead and I'm sent to your profile page. :~)


lol i dont think i couldve lined that up better if i tried. well i fixed the post but while were at it, if drag your mouse out of the player while holding a slider youll still be holding when you move it back in the window, regardless of whether or not the mouse button is still down. you can, then, do this with another slider, and youll be holding both of them.

Another thing for the mods to fix ;D

Meanwhile you are much better off clicking the GIANT green flag in the screen. Or quoting the embed and going to the project's link.

Yeah, the first time. But then the giant one disappears, and you can't restart the project.

or ask the owner to hide the title.

Ctrl + R

For people whose internet is slow (me), it takes an incredibly long time to load.

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