It just won't work. (Problem with GET/POST/PUT/DELETE block and a text genorator website)

Why won't this thing just work? Everything is in the right place, but then it just gives me some random not found error page instead of what i want. i just want to use gpt2 in my snap project... it's cool and AIDungeon uses it which i wanna play around with ;-;

Ah, sorry, i think you're talking about me, no?

Yeah, it's okay, that just happened to be an example at the top of my head. Or tips of my fingers. Or something like that. :~)

Heh, i get it.
But while it's still mentioned, could you check it out? last time i asked a question like that it just kinda died lol

I'm not sure how to help you. What exactly was the error message? And can you see if something was printed on the Javascript console?

On that now.

This is what it reports

this is what the new bits in the console looks like

hey, uh, @bh can you move those posts to the right topic

Right, your cors-anywhere thing isn't working. I don't know if you're unauthorized to use that, or unauthorized to use But either way, there's nothing we can do about it; you have to consult the sysadmins of those sites.

This assumes you have implemented a CORS control on the browser. I use Chrome with Moesif CORS extension and it works great !

Here is a way to try the HTTP transactions using the site:

And a sample of a POST request filled in using HEADERS and Stringyfied JSON parameters:

Here is the RESULT parsed out into JSON fields and key="title" displayed:

Here is the data in text:

SEND: {"title":"foo","body":"bar","userId":"1"}
HEADERS: [Content-type,application/json; charset=UTF-8]

Headers have to be a list type, with each element consisting of a list of header type and description.

At successful completion, you should get the JSON result:
id: 101,
title: 'foo',
body: 'bar',
userId: 1

Hope it helps.


So, it looks like anywhere url does not return a url; it takes a url, combines it with a CORS website, and returns the result (HTML, JSON, or whatever is at the url). Because it doesn't return a url, it can't be used in the url input of the request block.