Issues with Create variables library inside a launch block

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  1. Vivaldi browser


  3. 1st script creates the test1 variable - 2nd one doesn't

  4. Both should do the same


Confirmed. @jguille2, this is for you.

Yes Brian,
I've added this to my list (I'm still on vacation)

The reported issue is easy to fix (just on "create variable") but I want to check all the library over this. The problem is all the blocks use the same scope criteria (script->sprite>global) and launch "is going away" from its original scope. I will check it carefully.


Of course, no hurry at all. Just, when someone gets around to dealing with this, it'll be you. :~)

@kimmie46: See? All Europeans are on vacation. I have three examples, that's proof by induction.