Issue with for i = a to b Problem.

I got an issue with a control structure.
I expect the for i = a to b loop to count from 3 to 13, similar to the code on the right, which counts from 1 to 5.
i am afraid, I am making a dumb and stupid mistake, but I am not sure which one. I taking now the risk of getting embarrassed once I have understood.


It works for me, in your linked project. What does it do instead for you?

THANKS for checking
Nothing, it says 3 and thinks 13, but it does not execute the for loop and say 3 to 13.

you are right. It executes the loop and counts from 3 to 13, but it didnt do that on my local version I uploaded. Any suggestions like downloading the XMLs and comparing the XMLs??? Still a mystery to me.

will download the project from the cloud.

THANK you so much. The local version on my pc still doesnt work. but once I upload it to the cloud it works. Any reasonable explanation?

Not a clue. Do you have a FOR block defined, rather than use the primitive one? That's all I can think of without seeing it fail, which will be hard in this case.

its the standard for, nothing self defined.
I also looked into both XML files to find a minor difference, but they are very different, so I didnt bother to get into details.
But I have seen it the last weeks several times that I had to SAVE the program locally to make my changes to the SNAP code work. The changes in the browser were not picked up by interpreter or whatever the machine is called, which translates the snap code to javascript....