Issue submitting Snap!Con 2023 Proposal

We attempted to submit a Snap!Con 2023 proposal. However, the field in the form would not allow us to enter the names of the proposed presenters. We did not encounter this difficulty for proposals submitted in previous years. If there's something that we are overlooking, can you direct us to the correct method for completing the form? (Thanks)

We discovered that if we submitted the proposal and then edited it, the option to select presenters became available.



@cycomachead is the conference software guru :slight_smile:

That’s odd. Thanks for the report. I’ll look into it.

Someone who built the software originally decided you should submit first then add speakers but this behavior is definitely odd

Thanks for the report @glenbull! This has been fixed. :slight_smile:

Marvelous ... thanks for the follow up. We're really looking forward to the conference.