Is this a good slides project?

(Edit: I already presented the project now. It was for the AIG Showcase for my middle school.)

I can't see it. The slides are NOT shared publicly.

Oops. I'll share it in just a second.

Edit: Ok now it's shared.

I don't like that it has your name, if you're a minor.

Other than that, it's not bad. One thing, does this:

mean to say Scratch?

So, "first class" isn't something we invented; you can look it up in Wikipedia. It's a concept that applies to data types, and I think you saying "first class features" obscures that point. A data type is first class in a language if data of that type can be the value of a variable, can be a member of an aggregate (in Snap!, that means a list), can be an input to a procedure, can be the value returned by a procedure, and can exist without having a name. In a visual language, I'd add the requirement that it be visualizable in a speech bubble or in a variable watcher.

So, for example, if lists are first class, that implies that you can have lists of lists, that you can SAY a list, that you can have blocks that take lists as inputs and/or report lists, etc.

In the case of lists, you do a good job of explaining why first classness matters: it lets you represent tables or spreadsheets as lists of lists, for example. You don't really motivate the first classness of procedures, though, because you don't show higher order functions (which take procedures as input). And in the case of sprites, you don't say that a clone isn't just a copy but can actually share attributes of its parent, so that a change made in the parent is immediately visible in the child(ren).

I think they meant Snap!.

And by the way, they should probably capitalize "Snap" or something. It's a name of a website.

You can use <i> and </i> as in HTML to make the "!" italicized.
Just watch and learn, my child.
Using <i> and </i>: Snap!
NOT using <i> and instead using *!*: Snap*!*

I like this slideshow. I'm guessing that it's highly based on the Scratch Wiki page for Snap!. I suggest seeing how good it is from the perspective of a Scratch user who is new to Snap! though.