Is there a way I can help Snap developers?

I want to help improve Snap! Is there a way I can volunteer to help make Snap a better coding place like add some artwork, etc or is it only a job for adults or a job for a chosen few

Well, first you have to learn JavaScript, and anyone can contribute to the public Github repo.

Well, first, thank you for offering!

The ways that users have helped in the past are developing libraries that we adopt, and making really good projects that we feature on the site. Both of those are programming tasks, though, and I don't know how much experience you have.

I'm coding a website at this very moment. its not done yet though but yes I do have experience with javascript

... but Jens is vanishingly unlikely to pull unsolicited code for Snap! itself. That's why I mentioned libraries.

Question: Do you know about object prototypes and Morphic.js?

what i really plan to do is help improve and add new sprite costumes, or music files in the library

Ah, okay. Find something we don't already do, and make a library! Look at the bignums library, contributed by a then-high-school student, as an example.

New costumes would be okay. I don't think we want music in the library unless it's really short, kind of like a ringtone.

wow snap is really better than scratch there is no age limit for contributing to help snap

There's no age limit to contribute to Scratch as far as I know.

so what do i do i just upload the image files in the master branch or start a pull request?

do i start a pull request

Hey instead of just contributing on Github, can I send you the files that I want to update through google drive?

there is a tolerance limit though

and even though i'm not a moderator why not also email them if you need to

does it look like i know their emaiL?

okay one that sounded very mean;two,i think it's me if i'm wrong);Three how do you plan to contribute again?

adding to costume libraries

would you like to contribute? if so go to my pixilart where we can collab (maybe?) at or you can just talk there