Is there a way how to put Box2D onto snap?

Theres a scratch box2d made by griffpatch: Scratch 3.0 GUI (on the extensions): image

Is there a way how to do that the same thing on snap? (using normal or js blocks)

technically it's possible without js, it just most likely would be slow.

I extracted the griffpatch's Scratch extension-only code. It has ~60kB of JS. Recreating this for Snap! may require a substantial amount of work.

oh wow
so its possible right?

BTW, can i have the griffpatch box2d extension code js file?

You can open DevTools in Chrome running griffpatch copy of the Scratch.
Then "Sources" panel: GUI/./node_modules/scratch-vm/src/extensions/scratch3_griffpatch/index.js

There is also an repository with a much simpler V2 version of the interface GitHub - griffpatch/Box2D.js-Scratch2-Extension at gh-pages

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