Is there a block where you can run scripts all at once?

I am new to Snap, I heard about this website from the Scratch Wiki, on Scratch, there is a "run until screen refresh" feature or something like that, where you can run multiple scripts at once. Can you do that on Snap?

Hi, welcome to Snap!.

There are two relevant things. One is turbo mode, which you can turn on in any of three ways:

  1. In the settings menu:

  2. Shift-click on the green flag button.

  3. In your program, using the untitled script pic block.

If turbo mode is on, the green flag button turns into a lightning bolt
Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 3.46.21 PM
and all scripts will be run in preference to screen refresh.

The other thing is the
untitled script pic (1)
block, which will run a single script and nothing else until what's in the C-slot finishes.

to be more specific, the warp block is more like what you're looking for. it forces everything to happen all at once in the same frame, so new things won't happen if for example there's a wait block.

turbo mode still runs the project like normal, but doesn't pause on loops unless it's taken too long. wait blocks still work. (note that scratch also has turbo mode by shift-clicking the flag, but it can't be controlled in the project)

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