Is Snapp! inactive?

I don't really think that Snapp! is an official website or not (technically it is) and I have no idea what to put for the category

When making an EXE on Snapp! (project is 36MB). It says "Please Wait" for a couple of seconds, then after that. It disappears and nothing happens.

Probably because it can't handle projects over 10MB

I just realized that any other project doesn't work anymore... even below 10MB

Snapp! has a lot of features and bug fixes that were issued 1 year ago or below. and still hasn't been fixed or added...

Just for curiosity... Is it down?

What is Snapp!?

something like Snapinator

Could I grab a link?

i dunno :frowning:

aT tHe BoTtOm Of ThE hOmE pAgE

Fun fact:I once used snapinator to convert an old scratch project into snap and then use snapp to convert it into exe


Did it work?

Snapp! was developed by Adrian, a student of mine while I was collaborating with the Polytechnical University of Catalonia during my time at the Citilab.

He did a fantastic job and continued to work on Snapp! and maintain it voluntarily for several years (7 now!) after graduating, but my guess is he's been busy (or lost interest, understandably) after so much time.

Aw man :frowning: ... Only if I learned JavaScript, i'd revive it.




so you want me to revive it?
yea ik js but i certainly dk electron

I mean you could help them.

oh ok