Is it possible to define my own block that has a built in ring?

Is it possible for a user to write a block like MAP or KEEP ITEMS that has a built in silver ring around one of it's argument slots? I've right clicked everything I can think of to try and find a way to specify that but have come up empty. (I've also tried to find anything about this in the forums but also came up empty.)

I understand that I could write a block without the built in ring that expects a functional value and then when I use the block make a ring myself to create one but it seems nicer to build the ring in, the same way the supplied blocks do.

Do you mean that:

The join block uses the value, and this:

Uses the value and the index...

I made a similar block I haven't released yet...


He/she said

I don't think they were talking about input variables


Welcome! Please properly specify what you mean.

I think they mean default input names...

like this image but there's already a block in it?

Not a block...

I mean

Click the arrow and the next input name will be value instead of #1:

oooooh, then idk

why did u delete it?

Ah, that's the magic I was looking for, thanks! I didn't notice the appearance of the triangle when I clicked on Input name. I.e. I looked at this initial state:


where the triangle is not present and must have assumed there were just the two options so I didn't notice that it appeared after I selected one of them. I wonder if it would help if it was there but greyed out rather than adding it only when the user selects input name. Or something to make the fact that there is a whole set of options available there a bit more apparent.

Anyway, now I know. Thanks.

If you click on settings (the gear icon) you can check "long form input dialog" to make it automatically expand, so you won't need to click on the "input name" option to get the list of input types.

Ah, amazing. Thank you!

you're welcome

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