Is it possible to create a full game inside of one block?

Short answer, yes.

It only has two lines of code:

[scratchblocks]When green flag clicked :: control
The Game :: #6eafff

It is made almost entirely out of pen!


To be honest, you could make a game that uses sprites in one block. There's lots of stuff you can do in snap.

Please don't use the word gay in a derogatory manner. It degrades people's understanding (sometimes) of the LGBT+ community, and (at least in my eyes) is homophobic.

What? What is happening on this webpage?

That was what @oofpaste249 said, it was a direct quote.

... It wasn't just an aside to you? It was a message to everyone.

i just wanted to share my project :(

oh, ok

don't do that if it contains personal information.
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just delete the comments

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