Is it okay to share Discord etc. links?

In Scratch, you recieve an alert even because simply saying the word “discord”. The ST doesn’t want Scratchers to use Discord as it’s not moderated. Is it okay in Snap! to share your Discord (or other platforms) information to chat there?

Thanks for asking first.

I think I have to say no. I hate that; really it should be none of my business who you talk to. And the risk the "no" tries to prevent is really, really rare. When a child is molested it's almost always by someone the child knows, not a stranger. (Sad but true.)

Discord has a particularly wild-west image, but the issue is really more general. You can't share off-site contact information of any sort. Not your email, not your Facebook page, nothing.

<rant>Every parent, when their kid stars in the school play or scores the winning touchdown, is delighted for their kid's name and photo to appear in the local newspaper, for the local child molesters to see. But god forbid anything about their kid should get on the Internet, for some child molester in New Zealand to read. (If you are in New Zealand, substitute Canada.)

Please, young people, if some stranger tells you to steal your parent's credit card and buy an airplane ticket to [insert exotic country here], don't.</rant>


Well, the email appears on your forum profile, lol

Its not viewable by other forum members

See the full profile, maybe? (Click username on profile card)
Edit: nope, I can't see yours xP

No, we're not experts at security, but Discourse makes it very hard to miss that issue.