Is it normal?

So I by accident in my project add a long boolean script to input in [scratchblocks]switch costume to [][/scratchblocks] and I took out this boolean and I got it:

It's done often no only with this block.

I've encountered this bug a few times, but I'm just not sure how to reproduce it. It's definitely not normal, but it's so difficult to reproduce, and it's super easy to get rid of it, that it hasn't been fixed.

happens to me with these blocks a lot.
It's annoying, yes, but I've learned to live with them.

but a boolean in a block like that, then take it out.

In this case I cannot fix this, but I think it's worth fix it

When I say it's easy to fix it, I mean, delete the block.

This has never happened to me? Is this a PC only issue or browser specified issue?