Internet Slowness Test

wondering how SLOW your internet is? Well now you can test it!

Uh, @bh I feel there's something wrong with this.

What do you think is wrong with it?


Eh IDK(dos attack to Snap!'s server?)

You have the url () block in a loop.

here's something I think is wrong. I have a feeling that this can be ran offline, and I don't think it actually downloads anything from the web. It's also really just testing how slow snap is running.

It's still a great project,

Well, its getting html from the web, which means, its downloading the content from the server holding Snap, and after that process is done, it will record how long it took. Then, it will average the numbers and shorten it by 10 thousands (If my math is correct)

Putting a URL block in a loop and having a bunch of people run it is basically DDOSing...


Ooh, should've realized that. Ima unshare it. @bh, please close this.