Integration with NetsBlox [Fixed unclear question]

I've seen somebody retrieve values from Scratch's cloud variables in Snap!. Is it possible to do that with NetsBlox's cloud variables too?

This could possibly help: CloudVariables — NetsBlox documentation

...that was not helpful.


I said

well, pretty sure. Try loading the project in netsblox.

I don't think you can do it. You have to emit a "handshake" with wss:// You have to send them the project ID and the username. And they will give you a list of variables and their values in JSON. You can't do it in pure JS I think. If you know Python I can show you what you have to do in Python.

Updated the original question

Ah. That clears things up. I'm afraid I was talking about how to retrieve Scratch cloud vars in Netblox.

I think that there was a post about that a day ago but it violated netblox tos and got deleted