Inherit block variables

This suggestion is to make a block to inherit block variables from another block, possibly being a new function
( variables from ({move::motion}::ring) ::grey
This would report a list of each block variable’s value in order
This would give more use to block variables by allowing different custom blocks to communicate with eachother

i think this has been requested before, and I think its on the list of things they want to do

You can fake it with message passing:

See Chapter VIII of the manual.

But that’s not the same exactly as it interferes with messages

What if you send a message before the next call?
Or send a message named block variables, it’s not air tight

I don't understand the problem. Every call would be a message passing in this approach. Could you explain in more detail?

Right, it's a workaround. I was imagining you using it yourself. If you're contemplating a library for general use, I would use a different message text, e.g., ":skull_and_crossbones: block variables."

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