Infinite AI Guessing Game

So 1 to 2 years ago, when I was still an elementary schooler, I made an AI using Python. More specifically, an AI Guessing Game. This AI can guess your number via accessing the previous number stored in its memory.

However, that AI Guessing Game had a limited amount of turns. You could only go 5 rounds before the AI had to reset.

But this didn't stop me so I ported the code onto different platforms like C# and Arduino.

1 to 2 years later and I decided to see how an AI would look like if it had infinite memory. And I ported the AI Guessing Game to Snap! but with a List. This could go infinite times (Unless the number of objects in the Memory Module exceed the max capacity of a list).

Here's the game. Enjoy! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks


How do you play this?

You choose a number from 1 to 10. Then you wait for the AI to guess your number. And then the process repeats again.

Thank you for testing and playing!

It seems like it just guesses the last number you entered.


But why would a player guess the same number multiple times?