In keyboard editing, can not update the white input slot

When I am in keyboard editing mode and I want to change a value in the white input slot by typing a new value and pressing "enter", Snap does not accept it. It behaves just like I had type a "esc" to cancel the change. NOTE: I haven't used keyboard editing in a long time so I may be doing something wrong. But the manual and my vague memory suggest that I'm typing the correct keystrokes

  1. What browsers show this problem?
    This happens both on Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10.

3 Reproducing the problem
Go to keyboard editing mode to edit the "move 10 steps" block. Change the value of 10 to, say, 123. When you type "enter", Snap acts like you typed "esc"

hi, and welcome to the Snap forums! I just tried reproducing this and entering input values works for me. Maybe it's not perfectly clear that before entering a literal value into an editable input slot you first need to press "enter" to ... well ... enter the slot. Can you try that again:

  1. activate keyboard entry mode
  2. press "m" so get the "move" block, then "enter" to add it to the scripting area
  3. when the input is highlighted press "enter" to edit the input slot
  4. now you have a text cursor inside the input slot, write something ... say "23"
  5. press "enter" to acknowledge

Does this work for you? You might have omitted step 3) above, could that be?

OT - how do we get to play with this "keyboard" mode?

You were right, I omitted step 3. I got it working now. Thanks.

It's described in the manual, page 110. Chapter XI, Section D, Keyboard Editing. I find it is a nice, efficient way to write Snap! programs.

Either shift click on an empty spot of the scripting area or use the keyboard icon at the top right of the scripting area.