Improving Snap

We basically do that, except that it's a turtle shape. But that doesn't make it any less slow!

no itll trick peoples mind into thinking that the website is more faster this way

Its psychology

and plus it looks more i guess website like

We're not talking about a two-second delay. More like five minutes, on my computer, if we use the entire list.

oof... maybe preload everything when the snap editor loads?

6 devolpoers that have no time... hmm

You don't seriously expect me to detail how each of us spends his or her time, do you?

you should hire more programmers then

You don't exactly hire open source programmers. People contribute to open source only if they want to.

he can hire good javascriupt programmers

btw is this you programmer user?


Snap! is a zero-budget project. We are lucky that SAP is paying for three people; we can't just say we need more.

How does scratch do it then? Donations... You should have a page for donations

And how about you open a zoom meeting for us and we go in for collab? Or do you guys not have time...

My school doesn't allow zoom.... only google meets...
But I wouldn't join or schedule any offsite meetings, anyways.

oh btw do you like snap block

What's that?

It actually is back up? Looks down to me, but maybe we should move this somewhere else