Improving Snap

Not if you meet while I'm asleep. And in any case, we all have other things to do than try to police every possible meeting site!

Can we make a forum thingy and then have someone moderate it

Lemme ask the team...

btw not to be nosy be how many members are in your team

We've talked about this before, it's not a secret. There are six of us, three of whom are actually paid to work on Snap!, so the others can devote only part of our time to it.

i never knew that though btw what did your members say about a separate forum for collab

hey the thing is partly done check if it works first I don't want my work going to waste when Im done for the file

Umm okay that's a list of background files, but not the files.

Are these from Scratch? (That's not a problem, I just want to know.)

i said i would update the backgrounds list and costumes list based on the current files that you guys have on the github... so i updated it... theres only 12 backgrounds in the list while the folder has about 100 images

Oh! I see.

The reason we only have a small subset listed is that with long lists the browser for costumes and backgrounds takes forever to load. Even with just a subset, the costume one takes a long time to start up.

This is something we know how to fix, but nobody's had time to do it.

So, it's good to have your full lists, but we can't use them just yet.

I'm sorry, I thought you were proposing to make (a few) new costumes and backgrounds.

i was... but after i updated the lists.

the non-updated lists gives me ocd

but if we dont update the lists, the costumes and backgrounds wont even show up at all even if I do make new costumes and backgrounds...

Right, but adding three or even ten costumes that you make is less problematic than adding however many hundred costumes we borrowed from Scratch!

so you will add my artwork but not the ones from scratch

sigh If you have three or four favorite Scratch ones we're missing, we could put those in the list. But not 100 of them, yet.

try preloading everything (is that possible)
maybe you change code it so that instead of a turtle image when it is loading maybe use a gif of a loading circle so it doesnt make the user feel snap is slow

or maybe just use the circle

is it that hard just to make it so when images are loading there is a gif of a loading circle instead?

probably not hard but there might be more important things to work on than how costume library loading works

oh and also i don't think js canvas can natively draw animated gifs

@bh saids he can though...