Improving Snap

This is a post about this Is there a way I can help Snap developers?.
----FOR @BH-----
Is this your email, @bh?
@bh, if it is go here If not tell me and I'll add you in with your correct email. This is where I send you ideas and improvements to snap here.

----FOR PUBLIC-----

Others, if you want to help go here This is a public collab group where we can improve snap!

Please don't reply to this if it's not important. I don't want to waste my post limits. If you have a question ask me at

You joined two days ago, and the post limit only happens on your first day. But whatever....

But to make this more important, I want to help, but I can't help you on, I can only help from Snap....

If you want to help and cant help on pixilart, then the only last thing left is that you need to help on Google drive then and I need your email sooo... I'm not sure if you want to tell me your email...

thats where everything is happening thorugh google drive

Yes. There's just a file saying "nothing yet," right?

I guess I should say, be prepared for us maybe rejecting ideas. You'd said costumes, and even them we might reject, especially if they're taken from copyrighted games.

yes it is

Please don't arrange offsite meetings here.

is it ok if I edit the background files so its no longer 12 backgrounds

and can I make video tutorials like scratch?

Video tutorials would be great. Make one and we'll look at it and then decide if we're happy with it before you continue.

But, I just deleted ten posts arranging an offsite meeting from this thread. You've been warned about this before. If it happens again you'll be banned.

hey what if we are doing a costume making collab and need google drawings and we collab realtime on google drawings? will that count? just asking beforehand

what? i dont understand it is free

oh ok

This is true but not helpful to the current discussion.

No offsite meetings.

We understand that this is problematic for collaboration and will try to come up with a solution. But we don't have one yet. Sorry.

How about Smerge? They are up again. Or maybe remixing?

why cant we do offsite meetings though? is it one of the snap rules or laws?

btw would you mind if I update the background lists and costumes list and send them through google drive? I'll give you the links for it when I'm done

Yes, fine.

Because it's the 21st Century and we have to worry about you meeting some child molester who's pretending to be a kid, and if you arrange offsite meetings we feel responsible for enabling that and at the same time unable to supervise because you're meeting offsite.

PS Meetings are great. I've been known to meet with kids f2f. But any such meeting was in a public place with the kid's parent(s) present.

PPS Don't forget, though, that I'm not promising we'll accept any costumes or backgrounds you make. We might find them unwholesome in some way, or they might violate someone's copyright or trademark. (It's one thing if you publish a project using someone else's copyrighted material; we are legally okay as long as we take down such projects when the copyright holder complains. But if we publish such things, by putting them in our costume library, then we're in trouble.)

Oh I know your also added to the collab room btw. So can't you go on there when we need to collab and just "look after" us?

And also, you should have more moderators though and ones that are volunteering. Scratch pays for that job but you guys could use some volunteers...