Improved variable list order

I've a big project with lots of variables mainly global but with sprite and script locals as well

When I click on the set menu I get this!

which has no discernable order to it and its now taking me a long time to try and find the variable I want to use.

I think what I'd ideally want is all the globals, then a line, then the sprite local ones, another line and finally the script local ones

With each section alpha ordered :slight_smile:

But I'd settle for one list in alpha order :slight_smile:

First you should not name your vars in camel case.
This is Snap and you can put spa ces in var names

Under the freedom of the laws of my country, I'm allowed to Use WhatEVER c o n v e n t i o n I like in naming my variableS :slight_smile:

Oh and your off-topic (as am I) :slight_smile:

That's a lot of variables!

Yeah, we should probably do that. It gets a little more complicated if you create a procedure (with a gray ring) that has its own script variables; in that case we should probably keep the different script scopes separated. We'll see what @jens thinks next time we scan for minor feature requests.

(But @18001767679 is right about those hideous camel case names!)