I'm making a 2d terrain generator base for a 2d sandbox game any tips?

currently working on making the blocks not overlap and make it possible to break and place blocks

Use “width of” and “height of” to create grid spaces

you don't need it, but i think that the "Tiles" library could be helpfuf

oooh thanks for the info on the tiles blocks I'm used to scratch so I'm not used to these new blocks

just so you know you forgor to turn off is draggable


I really like your thing so far though
I’m making a 2d terrain game out of text so I know what it’s like

the problem is I can't figure out what these "new" blocks do and I need to make each tile an even 50x50 or 100x100 pixel grid layout (used to scratch coding)

try this
untitled script pic

it should help you figure out how the tile library works


Question. How would I make a costume with a 16x16 pixel base without straining my eyes looking at pixels for hours

nvm i figured out a better way

this is what I got so far but theres a minor bug where the first row of tiles has stone/coal on top of the grass i'll fix it later

Currently working on making the place block feature


this small script will create a square costume of 1 color

btw, i know it's not related to this topic, but do you still need help with your game or are you good with it now ? (i asked you the question in your thread but you didn't answer)

sorry I was working on the place block feature I'm currently working on figuring out how to make a grid to place a block in so its not out of place

but i was talking about codegang's game