Im crying

Snap! SPLE - Snap! Programming Language Engine (

I had completed SPLE v2 with some items that @bh suggested (i need u anyway so ping), a functioning backspace, organized the code, made it easier to understand, then I had hit save. I then I reopened it and wow, all of my changed were gone. Everything I had done, it is not in the recover either.

Is there any freaking god damn way that i can recover v2 or restore it

@odysseus_ssb i completed v2, then snap killed it


Did you save it with a different name maybe?
At least you've made it once so you can make it again?

i fixed a huge amount of bugs and kept facing new ones, then finally, amazing.

I am in a habbit of frequent saving because sometimes my computer just crashes.

"Aw, f#ck. I can't believe you done this."

:frowning: snap cloud ducked up

Is the name of the project "SNML" and did you delete it just yesterday? If so, I seem to be able to recover it for you :slight_smile:

The name is SPLE, it wasn’t deleted, it just didn’t save. I do not need SMNL, that was a name change

Then I'm afraid we're out of luck. Do you have a "restore unsaved project" option (or similar, can't remember the exact wording) in your project menu?

Yes, but it did not have a save on v2

Life lesson learned: Make 100 backups in case 99 of those copies become corrupted or lost.

By that logic, one should make infinite backups.



Even better, don't rely on cloud storage, and make a local backup.

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