I'm back! with more amazing stuff!

hi, its been a long time since i was out of snap. i have been doing many things , roblox developing:hammer:, programming in c# :file_folder: , also i made a website :earth_americas: ! i share software there. its good to be back! idk why i set this topic type :thinking: , but its still a post!:grinning:

If I ever use that many emojis, I would like @joecooldoo to personally shoot me.

Anyways, welcome back! I don't think I saw you at all last year

why me

you were the first person who came to mind

Welcome back!

ok.....? ye i wasnt there last year and i never came and saw official snap 7!

ye most of the users here make websites from github, repl, etc. but i found my perfect website hoster, PythonAnywhere! also, i host my apps on mediafire : )

If you want, you can still use it at Snap v7.

noice but it wasnt like the beta snap 7.

You could track down the beta version in the commits, but why do you need it?

nice website :slight_smile:

yes it is

i use netlify.com