If clone is clicked block + previous costume block

self explanatory is it not?
I need a block that tells when a clone is clicked
and a previous costume block

You can use this to check if a sprite is a clone and then use that with the on clicked hat block and an if


Do you want to know which clone?
untitled script pic (3) is a variable, so parent can test if a clone was clicked.untitled script pic (2)
or with callback
untitled script pic (6)

I need a block that tells when a clone is clicked

untitled script pic (56)
untitled script pic (55)

is there a way to make a previous costume block?

It's related :wink: ?
untitled script pic (57)

(sssh!) previous_costume

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! Nobody told me about that! Genius!

So (-1) no longer means Turtle???
And it cycles from first to the last?

this has been a sorta secret feature for a decade, nothing new. I guess today I'd just add an option to the switch to costume block.


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