Idea for new projects

Zrzut ekranu 2021-11-2 o 18.56.21

This topic is dedicated to new ideas.
Give me good idea for a project. If I use it, I will add you to the list below.


I want simple, but powerful projects. Do not give me not-completed projects to download or project engines. I want only ideas.

Ideas that will be featured

I will feature:

  • best ideas
  • best explained ideas

I will write to you about featuring!

Ideas I want to make
I still wait...

Click to explain


Seems a little involved for an idea suggestion topic... also, shouldn't this be in #requests-to-the-community?

Also, having a "deleted ideas" section seems useless if not rude. It's basically saying "hey everyone, these peoples' ideas SUCK!!!"

Sorry, I'm just used to Scratch, on which you can't do without something like this.
I will delete this section.

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