I want to show projects in a collection but not in my public page

I created a collection Snap!Cards. The thing is... I don't want them (the 12 projects inside the collection) appearing in "My public page", only in the collection. Is that possible?

Without login I can see the collection but I cannot see the projects and I imagine I must publish every project and is not enough that there are already been shared.

Thanks in advance!

I just tested out the collection feature.

It is possible to do that, but not directly.
When I say, "not directly", you can share the projects, create a collection, add the shared projects to the collection, then post all of their links in the collection bio (and then finally, publish the collection).

They're 100% not on the public page, and they're sort of not in the collection because you can't click on them, but you can access them via their links in the description.

It's a temporary workaround, but maybe devs can tell us, or create a way to make this possible.

Right now, this is intentionally not possible.

Projects that are shared but not published as not findable very easily; they don’t appear in a search for example.

Why don’t you want the projects on your public page?

First of all, thank you for share/publish feature: it's amazing :slight_smile: Answering your question, I don't want this projects on my public page because...

Personalitzation: I prefer to have a public page with the projects I like the most and... The bits and clicks ecology: I have a lot of projects to share/publish but a lot of them, like the Snap!Cards, are snippets to learn programming, so I prefer snippets arranged only in collections.

When I visit a user's public page with hundreds of projects I feel confused and I would like to know what kind of project it is before clicking it... so I prefer finished/nice projects in a main/public page and snippets and other experiments in collections...

And this reminds me an idea I had some years ago...Time for a feature request :wink:

Hi, Rita.

Michael and I discussed what to do with shared projects in published collections and decided against what you're proposing, but I understand your point.

However, there are other cases where this could not be the desired behavior. Imagine you and I have a common shared collection of which just you and I know the URL, and I add a bunch of shared projects to it because I want to share them with you. If you then published the collection, all of these projects that I wanted to share only with you would be out in the open for everyone else to see.

Maybe in the not too distant future we can add more granularity to the visibility of projects in collections, but right now it's complex enough. I would really prefer to leave it as it is until we've released and collections have been thoroughly tested.

I'm not disappointed at all.Thanks for taking in consideration my opinion!


I don't know how to make them though.

@spaceelephant, in your user menu (top right), select My Collections. There you can create and manage collections.

Then, when visiting a project page, you can add it to one of your collections using the Add to Collection button.


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slightly different: I would like to have collections within a collection ...

Making a new suggestion would give this idea the attention it deserves.